Wrigleyville & Lakeview Hot Spots for Live Entertainment

Wrigleyville Music Venues That Should Be On Your Radar

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VIC Theatre
1912 vaudeville house now a venue for music & movies
Whether you're a passionate music geek trying to discover the next hot indie act or want to see one of your musical heroes in front of a crowd of thousands, here are some Wrigleyville music venues that should be on your radar. Chicago has always been a destination for touring musicians, producers and artists many of whom have played these venues. In addition you'll find musicians in town for a summer music festivals. 
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Music under a more than 100 year old roof!
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The place for good grub & entertainment every night of the week.

One of Chicago’s favorite bar & live entertainment venues. 

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UnderGround Lounge
A hidden Wrigleyville gem; subterranean nightspot featuring live goth, metal & industrial acts, DJs, a dance floor & drinks